“Into every girl’s life, a little diamond should fall”- Elizabeth Taylor. A diamond has the mesmerising power to entice any girl with its splendour and sparkle. It’s a statement that signifies endless love.

Through history and literature, diamonds are considered timeless gems. Both in metaphor and reality, diamonds have been seen as the symbol of triumph, of having attained the pinnacle of success. And if you think the allure of diamonds will fade with time, you would be mistaken. Due to its exquisite nature, we have seen the richest of the world have transformed their desire for the stones into a serious passion.

Take the Splurge

If you are willing to buy a piece of diamond jewellery, you are spoiled by the variety of options available. But have you heard about the benefits of buying loose diamonds online instead of a pre-set piece of jewellery? You may not know, but there are many benefits of buying loose diamonds online from The Diamond Club instead of in a traditional jewellery store. Some of these benefits include quality, value, certified diamonds and budget-friendly prices.

Loose Diamonds Hold High Value   

Our certified loose diamonds hold higher value longer than diamonds that are set in the jewellery pieces like engagement rings, pendants, necklaces, or earrings. The value of this precious gem do change over time, but certified diamonds are always worth the investment. If you are thinking of buying a piece of readymade jewellery, consider buying separate loose stones online and having a custom setting designed. Since the diamond you purchase based on the ‘four C’s’ (carat, cut, colour and clarity), and certified by a professional jeweller, it will hold more value than a pre-designed piece with uncertified diamonds.

Loose Diamonds Are Easier To Inspect

When you are making a whopping purchase of diamonds, you need to ensure the grade and quality of the stone. It is difficult to inspect diamonds for flaws or inclusions in a pre-set jewellery. The metal covering the setting can get in the way and hide any flaws.

Loose diamonds make it easy for the customers to easily inspect with a special jeweller’s tool and then set into custom jewellery. If the stones lack clarity or if they aren’t certified, you should look for flaws before purchasing. If the stones are certified, you can check the grading report that comes with each of the loose certified diamonds.

Shop Online from The Diamond Club!

Shopping online for wholesale loose diamonds means you have access to a wide selection of diamonds from which you choose your dream stone. Even after narrowing down your selection to your preferred colour, cut and carat weight, you’ll have more than hundreds variety of diamonds available that meet your needs. Our professional team are specially trained to help you in your selection for the perfect stone. They’ll go the extra mile to make sure you get the best value for your money.

Above all else, diamonds are simply magical. Their sparkle, clarity and brilliance are something anyone would fall for the spell. Their magical twinkle describes these stones as ‘fragments of stars’. Indeed, it is their beauty that has kept us captivated for years and years, and whatever it is, a diamond will be beautiful forever.