Diamonds are popular set in engagement ring and wedding bands, but if you are not in the marketplace to get married, but you want to buy a diamond for someone else or yourself it is nice to know they are an emblem of innocence that they are also know to bring victory and good fortune, and empower the wearer.

How about selecting a diamond with heart in it’s sole. The Heart & Arrows diamond tag is universally recognised to mean ‘super-ideal’ propositions and with perfect polish and symmetry, giving the diamond the ultimate fire, brilliance and scintillation money can buy.   They are ‘top of their class’ and fetch premium price.

Talk to Pierre at The Diamond Club in Joondalup, Perth, Western Australia and he will explain what money buys in a diamond.  That a well-cut diamond will minimise the imperfections of the diamond, which allows you to go lower in clarity at a more reasonable price and you will find it looks livelier than a diamond with superior clarity that is not as well cut.  Beauty does have a price, but call The Diamond Club Pty Ltd to discuss your requirements with Pierre on 08 9301 5880.;