Why a Round Brilliant cut diamond in your diamond engagement ring?

Getting engaged and getting married is indeed an exciting time. There are lots of things to do. Choosing your engagement ring to go with the occasion should be a touching and romantic time that is filled with love for both of you.

At The Diamond Club our diamond jewellery aims to inspire and motivate creativity, beauty and craftsmanship. It is considered that diamonds have a specific effect on the wearer bringing clarity, unity and constancy hence – it is so popular as the precious stone used in engagement rings and wedding bands. Certainly the Round Brilliant Cut diamond is the most popular diamond at The Diamond Club in Joondalup Western Australia, but maybe the roundness of the diamond reminds a lot of people of eternity, but then the cut grade gives the diamond its light performance, and as the Round Brilliant Cut has lots of facets, maybe that is what makes it the most popular…

A beautiful halo setting can only enhance your diamond but a solitaire certainly makes a statement. A classical 6 or 4 claw setting certainly helps your diamond stand out showing off the light performance. At The Diamond Club we never compromise on the cut. We sell only quality diamonds at affordable prices. If you are in the marketplace for a diamond, you can’t go wrong with The Diamond Club, Joondalup.