So, it’s time to find a diamond but you’re not sure where to begin? That’s where we come in.

There are 4 key components which can heavily influence the price of a diamond. These are known as the 4C’s. Think of this as a checklist of sorts, a universal way to determine the quality of the diamond.

Now maybe you’ve never heard of the 4C’s and that’s okay, you’re in exactly the right place to get a brief rundown of what each C means and how this influences the price.

So let’s start with C number 1 – the cut. For many people, the cut is often overlooked, opting instead to go for a ring with a better colour or clarity. But the cut is an element that shouldn’t be overlooked. The cut of diamond can be the key difference between a diamond that looks dull and lifeless with minimal sparkle and shine or a diamond that has fire and brilliance and dazzles from every angle.

Secondly we have the colour of the diamond. Diamonds are ranked on a colour scale starting at D which is colourless, the whitest diamond colour, all the way through to Z which appears rather yellow/brown. The closer the colour is to D, the more expensive a diamond becomes. However, it’s important to keep in mind that diamonds all the way through to H on the colour scale still appear almost colourless – with the difference in colour being minimal.

The third C stands for clarity – which simply refers to a diamonds natural imperfections, also known as inclusions.  Inclusions can range from flawless, which means they have none, through to  I3 (inclusions 3), which means a stone is full of inclusions. With many diamonds however, they can be graded at having a few inclusions although these may be so minor that the stone is still eye clean. As a general rule, the fewer inclusions a diamond has, the more expensive it becomes.

The final of the 4 C’s is carat. The carat of a diamond refers to the weight of the stone. A bigger carat = a bigger + more expensive diamond. If size is what you’re after, it might be worth compromising on elements such as clarity to get the WOW factor you’re after.

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