When we adorn jewellery, nail polish etc we want people to realise that we like our hands to look younger, longer, and more beautiful. Just the finishing touch. Here are some recommendations on 3 popular shapes of diamonds.

Buying a diamond is obviously more important than nail colour! An important factor in choosing a diamond is the consideration of how it looks on your finger and your hand as a whole. This aspect of the selection is alongside your personal taste, budget and the latest fashion trend.

The Round Brilliant Cut diamond is by far the most popular, they are the most expensive. The better the cut, symmetry, and polish, the more brilliant the diamond will appear. Very flattering to most hands, less flattering if you nail bite and have short fingers.

The Princess cut is a square diamond with 90-degree corners. The most desirable princess diamonds are perfectly square in shape, with the more rectangular variations decreasing in value. Princess diamonds look fabulous in either traditional or modern engagement ring settings. Flattering for most hand shapes including wider fingers.

The Pear shape resembled a teardrop or a drop of water with a rounded end and a single point. Pear diamonds can create the illusion of slenderising the finger. Very flattering shape of diamond ever for slightly shorter hands.