Your engagement ring should be your show pony.  Your wedding band even though purchased last it is still a very significant purchase should not outshine your engagement ring.  If you are intending to wear your engagement ring and wedding band together, then they should match.  You can either buy them together as a bridal set or if individually then you should get it manufactured to set matching your engagement ring so they look like they belong together.

In days gone by, well around 30 years ago the fashion was to buy his and hers matching wedding bands, the nearest matching is probably the same gold colour, but that is as far as matchy goes these days.  Although the bride to be would like some input into his wedding band, the guys are more stylish today and like the bride they are going to be wearing their wedding band all the time.  At The Diamond Club there are some absolutely fabulous designs of gents wedding bands, and we are seeing a slight trend of having diamonds set in his ring.