Finding that perfect wedding band to fit your engagement ring can be simple, but it does depend on the individual.

What if your future husband took his time choosing that perfect engagement ring, now you need a wedding band that compliments the engagement ring.

Pierre, at The Diamond Club says matching a wedding band to your engagement can be an easy process if engagement ring has been designed with this in mind, and almost any engagement ring can be designed and made to sit flush with your wedding band.

Your wedding may be fast approaching and you need to get your wedding bands selected, and even though months ago you thought you had made the decision on what you want from your wedding band, but now you are not too sure, and now you know how your finance was feeling when selecting your engagement ring.

Then we suggest a consultation with Pierre at The Diamond Club. He will be able to assist you to make the right decision. If you have decided to go for a wedding band with diamonds and your engagement ring has diamonds in the band or on the shoulders then he will need your engagement ring just for a few days so that we get the set work exactly matching your existing engagement ring.

If you are not in the market place for a matching set of rings, but want something out there (which is becoming increasingly fashionable) then Pierre at The Diamond Club can assist you. Design and manufacture with perfection in mind and care and attention to all detail is Pierre’s every day motto.

We believe most of our client’s feel very sentimental about their engagement rings and wedding band and we consider the wedding band to be worn and loved for some considerable years to come, and that you will still love it in 50 years time.