1. Never leave your jewellery on the edge of your bathroom or kitchen sink where they can easily be knocked down the drain and lost forever

2. Store your pieces in individual pouches so they don’t rub against other items. Different gemstones and metals have different hardnesses so if  they  come into direct contact with one another they may end up scratched.

3. Have your jewellery cleaned regularly by a professional.

4. Regularly have your pearls and necklaces checked out and restring them if necessary as strings will weaken over time.

5. Beware of agents that will cause jewellery to dull. Hairspray, soap and perfume will result in the formation of a film on your jewellery and your jewellery may have a lack of lustre.

6. Only use appropriate solutions for cleaning your jewellery.

7. Store chains and necklaces flat to avoid kinks.

8. coloured gems, pearls and Swarovski crystals will all fade when exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time so do not leave them in sunlight.

9. Gemstones can be susceptible to heat changes so be careful particular when going from hot to cold water.

10. Make sure all your insurance valuations and policies are up to date.