Why not tell the one you love that you love them with a Heart shaped diamond?

With a creative owner with an eye for detail Pierre will be able to assist in all aspects of choosing your diamond shape, size, colour, clarity and cut and obviously the creative setting.

Designing the setting with the help of CAD software we are able to be creative, precise and you are able to look at your design in 3D before it is casted in your choice of precious metal.

If you are still unsure then we can cast in plastic or silver for you to view, handle try on and go from there.

Your heart for your heart’s special person. All done with precision, creativity and attention to detail.

So call into The Diamond Club or phone us on 9301 5880 and we can bring your design to life.

Surprise her with a diamond engagement ring or an eternity ring romance and love is always more special on Valentine’s Day.