So you have tested the waters and you have tried to keep the actual proposal time as a surprise. The next step is to actually practise what you are going to say. All eyes will be on you and you don’t want to be caught with your tongue in your cheek. It is important to find the right engagement ring and to have some sort of  idea what her finger size is. If the lady of your dreams is wearing a ring on her finger, you can always secretly fit it on your hand and see up to wear it goes. This will give the jeweller more or less an idea of what size to work with. If you have no idea of the finger size and none of the close family and girlfriends can help you out, it is advisable to go a bit bigger in size than smaller. You don’t want to ruin the moment with a ring that doesn’t make it past the first knuckle. In this case bigger would be better. If you are not sure what kind of engagement ring to buy you can purchase a diamond and have it set in a simple solitaire setting for the proposal and get her to design the ring of her dreams. Some blokes actually propose with a diamond to make sure she can pick what she wants but still have an element of surprise.