Thinking to buy a diamond online? But not very sure that you will get the right one at the right price. Overall, as compared to buying a diamond from a store, it is better to shop online. Saving your time is one factor, the other being getting it cheaper. Also, with detailed specifications, you have a large selection to choose from. Additionally, online retailers can offer you diamonds at a much cheaper price than a wholesaler.

Looking for a diamond and not sure whether you wanted to buy a loose or a mounted one. Buying a diamond has both emotional and monetary value, hence one needs to understand the intricacies involved in this precious stone. Due to its glimmering beauty, clear and sparkly design, the diamond remains the most sought-after jewellery. It can make anyone feel special, capture the attention of anyone, and can also elevate any outfit. Diamond is synonymous with social status and love. From engagement rings to watches, to exquisite necklaces it is one of the most prized possession of the wearer and reflects the status of the giver.

Why buy loose diamonds?

Mined from the earth from various locations of the world, it is called rough. The rough is then shaped which undergoes various processes of mapping and cutting, to bring into the best shape. To bring in the shine, sparkling, and best colour the rough is then cut expertly through machines. Then they are polished to perfection to reveal the perfect diamond.

Buying losing diamonds is always advisable because then you can decide on the design depending upon the fortune you are willing to spend. Available in all qualities, weights, and carat, you can. Available in various colours such as blue, red, white, pink, and yellow, loose diamonds can be found in any colour you desire for. Whether you are buying to give to your loved one, or as customized jewellery, or maybe for investment purposes, it is better to buy loose diamonds online.

Look for the shapes that interest you

  • Round Diamonds: Most sought after choice for jewellery such as engagement rings, solitaire pendants as well as earrings
  • Princess Diamonds: These are cut in square or even slightly rectangular shape for engagement rings or as earrings too
  • Cushion diamonds: A beautiful amalgamation of both the round and princess, this makes the cushion diamond the next sought after diamond for both as an engagement ring or as a jewellery
  • Emerald Diamond: Cut into a step pattern, it gives the emerald diamond a striking and unique shape and is purchased for engagement only

Other designs of diamond that are less commonly purchased but are also used as engagement as well as jewellery are pear, oval, marquise, and radiant.

The various types of cuts

Over the years, diamond has been cut in varied ways in different styles, by hand. However, nowadays, diamonds are primarily machine cut and can be found in three types of styles:

  1. Brilliant cuts: The most common cut and enables it to look dazzling from any angle. They are more expensive since more of the rough are cut away to ensure symmetry and precision among the many facets
  2. Modified Brilliant cut or the fancy cut diamonds. They are usually round in shape but are modified to oval, pear, marquise, as well as heart and, are a little less expensive than the brilliant-cut
  3. Step Cut: One thing about this kind of diamond is that they are unique in their look, but are less popular. However, the facets are precise and cleanly cut which renders it as scintillation and shine. It is budget-friendly and cost-effective.
  4. Old World cut: Crafted by hand for older diamonds, lending it a softer sparkler as compared to the intense sparkle of the brilliant cut.

Going for the online purchase

If you are still thinking about whether it is a good idea to buy loose diamonds online, find below reasons to go for the purchase.

  • Look for the site that offers you to view the diamond up and close
  • Read through the return policies minutely, some online sites have excellent policies so that you can easily return the loose diamond
  • Online you get a varied choice from selecting the stone to design to set, and at a reasonable price

Overall, when you buy loose diamonds online you get a better selection at a better price. Also, online shopping gives you a wide variety of choices to compare against one another.