Rose Gold which was  very popular around the vintage years of the 1920′s is proving to be very fashionable at this time.

Rose gold has a lovely warm pale pink hue and dependent on the percentage of copper can sometimes go to a deeper red colour. Sometimes the Rose Gold is mixed as a tri-colour gold using rose, white and yellow gold.

The lovely unique characteristics of Rose Gold flatters most skin tone, hair and eye colour and it also bridges the gap between yellow and white gold. It is highly sought after by couples who want to depart from the usual white and yellow gold. Its rich warm tone contrasts beautifully with the brilliance of diamonds and most coloured gems. The soft hue works well from vintage to contemporary designs.

So give it some thought Rose Gold could be your colour of choice.  Should you wish to discuss The Diamond Club is the place to call to find that beautiful diamond and the rose gold which will compliment the brilliance of the diamond.