It’s not just your dressings that are hostages to style trends- jewellery fashions that are on-trend one day can be out of fashion the next. But some styles never go wrong, and there’s no better example than the solitaire diamond rings.

These are all the rage and a classic and timeless choice for those in search of a style that will always be on-trend. Couples typically favour solitaire rings for special occasions because of the ring’s unique look: a single piece mounted on a piece of jewellery. It is a simple, yet sophisticated and classy design, but also a safe choice for ignorant future fiancées, who are having difficulty choosing the perfect style.

Why Solitaire Ring Style is Your Top Pick?

One thing most important is solitaire diamond rings are always on-trend. For over a century the solitaire ring style has been the ultimate statement of tradition and elegance. The design of the solitaire ring is one of the most popular options for all diamond shapes. The diamond in the solitaire setting is held in place with metal holding up the diamond at the centre to make it prominent and significant.

This style of solitaire prong setting makes an easy go through of the light from the bottom of the stone to the diamond in between the prongs, thereby achieving maximum brilliance of the diamond. The solitaire setting can be chosen for a variety of metals – 18 carats white and yellow gold and platinum. No matter what you choose, it can be designed to fit all diamond shapes and for any band shape that fits perfectly with most wedding ring designs.

Solitaire- An Epitome of Timeless Style

Solitaire engagement rings are a classic design that has been around for a long time. They have always been one of the most sophisticated styles and will continue to shine with their brilliance and simplicity. If you love being unique and classy, then a timeless design like solitaire may be perfect. This is also an heirloom piece and you can hand your ring down to the next generation. Your children or grandchildren will also be excited with the design and the ring will transcend time with its classic style. Other ring styles like halo are extremely popular, but that hasn’t always been the case. Due to their temporality in trendiness, they might not always be in style. A Princess solitaire engagement rings of any design will ensure that your ring is trendy now, and forever more.

Quality Check for Solitaire Diamond?

There are four factors that affect the value of a diamond- the 4C’s including colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. The value of a diamond comes from all these. The more you check on the quality, the better value you will receive.

Before you buy a solitaire diamond ring, it is recommended to try one on first. For those who are buying online and aren’t able to do so, you need to go with a certified company. Take time to review the website and talk to the experts for recommendations.  No matter what you decide on for your ring, a solitaire ring will be a unique and charming adornment that represents your unique relationship. Surely, the Diamond Solitaire will bring an unforgettable smile to your beloved’s face.