COLOUR – Diamonds are graded from D colourless (usually used for engagement rings, stud earring) to Z, light yellow tint. D diamonds are very rare and valuable.

CUT– (sparkle in diamond) a well-cut diamond (cut to mathematical proportions) will appear bigger, brighter and more attractive then a poorly cut diamond.

CLARITY – (purity of diamond) there are 11 grades of clarity that go from flawless (FL) to obvious blemishes (can be seen with naked eye) (I3). A diamond that is higher up on the Clarity Scale will be more brilliant and more valuable because it does not have blemishes that will limits its ability to refract and reflect light.

CARAT WEIGHT – (size/weight) the weight of a diamond is measured in Carats, a single Carat works out to be 0.2gms – for example a 1ct diamond has 100 points (1.00).

Here at The Diamond Club we provide GIA International Diamond Reports with your diamond, this shows you the exact details of your diamond. By making an appointment with Pierre on T: 9301 5880 he will be happy to further explain the 4C’s and give expertise advice to help your choose that perfect diamond for your special occasion.