At The Diamond Club Joondalup Western Australia we custom make our Engagement Rings.
The Engagement Ring that she will gaze upon and treasure forever.
It’s nerve-wracking, intimidating and if you are doing the whole romantic proposal a secret – quite frightening!
At The Diamond Club we will take the stress out of making the correct decision, and bringing back that smile on your face.

Tip No 1: Allow yourself time! Time it right! As a couple or a groom to be. You need time to consider your choice of diamond, the ring design, and the time it takes to custom make your design.
TIp No 2: Consider your budget. There was once a tradition in the making of two months salary, but we do believe that has gone by the wayside. Talk to The Diamond Club we can assist either as a couple or as the impending groom to match the biggest and whitest diamond we can to your budget. The Diamond Club gives you exceptional value for money without compromising on quality.
Tip No 3: If you are perplexed and unsure what style would suit her. Look at existing jewellery. At her individual lifestyle and her character. Ask her friends, her parents what they think. Pierre at The Diamond Club can assist in helping you create your design.
Tip No 4: Also take into consideration her hands. Finger size? Either use existing rings she has, or engage family and friends to take her shopping and having her finger sized. If this is all too much or a problem we can suggest a size so that you can propose with it, and later re-size it to fit.
Tip No 5: What style of setting, Again look at the hands: larger hands can take a bolder modern style and settings that sit high. Where petite delicate fingers can be complimented with a delicate subtle setting.
Tip No 6: Consider getting the diamond ring insured. The Diamond Club provides exceptional service, and we can link you to Q Report for a quote on a fully comprehensive insurance coverage. It is more considerate to have your precious diamond ring insured from the beginning, rather than later when you may need to ask her to take the ring off for an insurance assessment.
Tip No 7: Think about how it is going to look alongside the wedding band. The Diamond Club can take care of designing the wedding band with or without diamonds to sit alongside harmoniously with the engagement ring.
Tip No 8: Talk to Pierre at The Diamond Club. He will go through the process with you in a friendly non pressured environment. At The Diamond Club we assist with exception service to eliminate the pressure and hopefully make it as an easy and comfortable an experience as we can for you.
Tip No 9: If you are considering buying a diamond always consider a diamond that is internationally certified. There are people who will pass off treated diamonds, but with the Certificate you know what you are buying. We invite all our clients if they wish to view the diamond and the certificate together. Trust is very important to The Diamond Club.
Tip No 10: Make an appointment with Pierre at The Diamond Club by calling 08 9301 5880 the decisions you need to make will be easier.