Your piece of jewellery i.e. your precious diamond ring is much more than an accessory, it is a sentimental item that reflects your personal taste.

Many jewellers sell mass-produced lines of jewellery, but at The Diamond Club we have a very positive relationship with our client.  When you step off the sidewalk and into The Diamond Club you will feel instantly at ease, and very likely greeted by our warm helpful staff who have been with The Diamond Club from the very beginning.  Pierre Joubert is a very approachable guy who has a polite but casual manner with impeccable sense of style and insistence on quality and perfection.  All of which have made an impact on the diamond industry in Perth, Western Australia as well as the clientele.  The Diamond Club has been manufacturing jewellery for a very long time and over the years built up confidence and loyalty among those who patronise the business.

In today’s style of answering service, taped messages mass production and long queues personalised attention and service seem like luxury, but when you shop for such a personalised item such as a captivating engagement ring set with a round brilliant cut diamond set in a custom made setting then The Diamond Club is the one to create that stunning piece for you.