The Diamond Club has a second-hand dealers license which means you can cash in your old unwanted, broken or unwearable jewellery, or you can use the gold to make a new piece.  With a little imagination and our professional skill base we are able to help you create a jewellery piece of your dreams.   You may just need to have your broken piece restored, we are able to do that for you to wear it.

so whether you want your sentimental gold to be recycled and incorporated into a new piece, but enhanced with new gemstones or diamonds or whether it has too many bad memories for you and you need the gold gone out of your life we are able to help.

Call today and make an appointment so that we can assess your jewellery pieces and turn them into crafted pieces you will wear everyday.

We can also assist if you are interested in upgrading your diamond.  Call 9301 5880 for an appointment .