In a dilemma to buy a loose diamond and then have it mounted on a ring, or just buy a ready-made diamond ring? One is just safe and the other is easy. The choice is definitely yours. But it is said better late than to be sorry. So when you are buying a diamond a lot of money and thought goes into it. Though it could be so easy to just go to the shop, make your choice, and then buy a mounted diamond. But then you are not an expert to assess the stone’s quality.

When a buy a mounted diamond, a good portion of the diamond is hidden. During this mounted diamond, it is difficult to look for cracks, chips, or flaws, if any. Additionally, a mounted diamond on a ring reflects light, hence it will it harder for you to gauge the stone’s colour or clarity. Certain settings in the mounted diamond make it whiter or brighter than they are. Hence, it is advisable to buy diamonds only if you have checked them from all sides.

A Step-by-step Guide to Buying a Diamond

Since you are going to spend a fortune on buying this exquisite stone, or it is something that you have been dreaming to buy, it is better to be informed to get the right diamond. Remember that the principle of buying diamonds either online or offline remains the same, hence please read on:

  • Decide which shape to buy- The round cut is the most popular one, with the princess cut and the cushion cut ones most frequently chosen for. However, if you want to maximize the brilliance of the stone, then opt for the round cut.
  • Setting on the budget- Set on the budget and then start filtering the choices while buying loose diamonds online. If your budget is $ 5000, then filter your sear and set it within $4500 to $5000. This helps you to get your desired diamond at your quoted price range.
  • Your preferred carat weight- If your budget is within $10000, then go for the weight range within0.50-2.00 carats.
  • Decide on the colour range- Diamonds that are graded lower than J colour should be avoided at any cost, do not include diamonds that are visibly are in yellow tints.
  • The minimum clarity- Set the bottom clarity cut off at SI1 so that you can narrow down further the diamond pool to stones. These stones are most likely to be eye-clean.
  • Ranking the diamonds by carat- Depending on your budget, start sorting the diamonds from largest to the smallest. Then match the size of the diamond with your budget. If you think that the largest diamonds that you have selected are not big enough, then you can reduce the clarity to SI2. Still not enough? Then lower the minimum colour or else go for a lower carat.
  • Inspect diamond for cleanliness- Look through the diamond carefully, if it is clean to the naked eye and is potentially big then go for it.
  • Look for the following characteristics- If you find the diamonds having any of these characteristics then you must go for it. Symmetry and Polish grades must be better or good. The diamond you are checking should be Fluorescence grade which is None to Faint, Culet should be none too small and the Girdle thickness should be from Thin to Slightly Thick. For diamond SI1 clarity or lower, go through the certificates minutely. It should not be mentioned that there are additional inclusions that do not reflect in the diagram. If any one of the above characteristics is missing, then you should never buy that diamond.
  • Compare the characteristics and then choose your diamond- You should follow all the criteria mentioned above and then go for the buy. Because after filtering out all those diamonds that did not match specifications, you will find yourself with stones that come similar in terms of colour, clarity, and brilliance. So as you do the comparison it is your call to go for the cheaper or a bigger one.

In case there are two or three identical diamonds that differ in colour and clarity, then you should definitely for the colour of the diamond. While buying loose diamonds online, keep 3/4 diamonds in the cart, as it might turn out that one or two might be sold out, and you still can pick your choice.

Why Buy Loose Diamonds Online?

There are innumerable benefits when you buy online

  • They are cheaper
  • You get a lot of choices
  • Available in different weight and qualities, budgets, and preferences
  • Apart from classic white colour, you do get in white, pink, yellow, blue and red
  • Buy loose diamonds online for they can be customized for engagement rings, jewellery, or maybe for an investment purpose.

While buying online just be sure to buy a diamond that is certified.