The name “Hearts & Arrows” is universally recognised as a diamond cut to super ideal proportions and fashioned to perfection. The remarkable thing about this type of diamond is the astounding pattern of hearts and arrows exhibited when its examined through a special viewing device. This phenomenon is a bonus to the cut and is a sign of distinction. In the diamond cosmos it represents the ultimate pedigree. The Hearts & Arrows diamonds remain at the very top of their class. They are polished to exact and mathematically proven ideal cut proportions, resulting in the ultimate fire, brilliance and scintillation that money can buy.

The term that is coined by professionals to describe the overall quality of the cutting is ‘make.’ A diamond with an ‘excellent’ make will sell for much more than one with a ‘fair’ make. An ‘ideal’ or ‘super-ideal’ make will fetch a premium price because of the extra time and skill required to cut it and because more diamond ‘rough’ is lost in the cutting. On average, each diamond will lose about sixty percent of it’s original weight to become ‘super-ideal’. Beauty has it’s price.

The great irony is that a well-cut diamond will minimise the imperfections of the diamond, allowing you to purchase a stone, with lower clarity at a reasonable price and find it actually looks livelier than a diamond with a superior clarity that is not well cut. It takes the skill of a craftsmen to unlock the full potential of a diamond.