Opals are the birthstone for the month of October and can be found in Australia, Brazil, the US and West Africa.
It is said that opal is the luckiest gemstone of all because it contains the colour of every other gemstone. Currently Australia provides more than 95 per cent of the world’s opal supply. A German geologist by the name of Johannes Menge discovered opals in 1849 in South Australia. Opals are mined today in three states along the Great Artesian Basin on the shoreline of what was once the great inland sea. These areas is known for its harsh dry climate and is referred to as the Australian outback. It is amazing that such colourful, lively gemstones are recovered from its soil. Although opal is found in small amounts in other countries, Australian opal is considered the finest and brightest in the world and designers from all over the world derive inspiration from the rainbow of colours seen in Australian opal. Each Australian opal is unique and should be appreciated for its own beauty.