Centuries ago pearls that were equal in shape and size was one of the most valuable things one could own.  Pearls were referred to as the “Queen of the Gems”. Pearls peaked in their popularity during the Roman Empire and of all the different cultures, pearls were considered the most valuable by the Romans and Egyptians. Pearls were so expensive into modern times that only the rich and the famous could afford to wear it. That changed however with the production of simulated pearls in the 1900s by three Japanese men, Kokichi Mikimoto, Tokichi Nishikawa and Tatsuhei Mise. Eventually Kokichi Mikimoto bought out the rights of the other two and started a huge business of pearl culturing. It took many years for cultured pearls to be accepted and today it accounts for nearly 95% of the world production. It is only a few Middle Eastern countries which still have a preference for natural pearls today.

Although the demand for natural pearls has decreased over time it still carry a hefty price tag, and people still see them as wonderful, classy gifts and accessories. Their timeless beauty is what makes them such a gorgeous alternative as an engagement ring.