At The Diamond Club, we make gorgeous custom designed rings for a variety of different center stones, but we also make incredible settings! Whether you love an elegant solitaire or a bold double halo, we can make them in any metal preference: classic white gold, vibrant yellow gold, or romantic rose gold!


White gold and platinum provide a seamless look between the diamonds in your ring and the setting, making it one of the most popular gold’s for engagement rings. The light colour of the gold can naturally make your ring look brighter and whiter. Because of the nature of white gold, over time it will need replating for it to maintain that bright white gold colour. If you have any serious allergies to metals, platinum is a great alternative to white gold.


Currently coming back into the market as one of the more favoured metals, rose gold is a stunning alternative to the classic gold. The soft pink colour looks great on every skin tone, making this dreamy shade oh-so-popular. The soft romantic pink colour of rose gold makes it a great transition metal with white gold in two-tone rings.


Yellow gold which was incredibly popular a few decades ago is making quite the comeback! The vibrant yellow of the gold is great at naturally enhancing the colour depth of a yellow diamond or adding an elegant contrast to a white diamond. Because yellow gold is the natural colour of gold, it won’t require the same replating that white gold will.

Whether you like white, rose or yellow for your dream setting, here at The Diamond Club, we can create the ring of your dreams in the gold of your dreams. Call us today to arrange a free consultation to get the process started on your dream ring.