Morganite is the new darling of the gemstone world and was discovered in 911 on the island of Madagascar. This peachy pink stone added a new dimension of sophistication to the myriad of exquisite gems mined from African soil. Morganite belongs to the same family of stones as Emerald and aquamarine, thus adding to their precious status, making this gem more than just a pretty decoration. Morganite is relatively rare due to the decline in deposits in Madagascar, leaving only Brazil, Afghanistan, the US and some areas of Africa from which to mine this exquisite gems. The Peach tone in Morganite is the most common naturally occurring hue from the stone – with heat treatment often producing the pink shades. Morganite scores a 7.5 – 8 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, making it a reasonably hard stone with good toughness. Being a member of the Beryl family  Morganite has a stable crystal structure and wont lose its colour and clarity over time. Morganite is the perfect gem for both cocktail and everyday jewellery because of its crisp light tone and predominant lack of inclusions. It is a gem that is at its best when kept clean to avoid a dull opaque or milky appearance. This beautiful gem is set to remain a firm favourite with jewellery wearers all over the world.