Your exquisite diamond ring or piece of jewellery starts with loose diamonds.  At The Diamond Club we deal in independent certified quality diamonds.

Why should you buy a diamond from The Diamond Club?  We only deal in conflict free internationally certified diamonds. Why is it important that each diamond is independently certified?  This provides to you an independent and unbiased opinion in laboratory conditions and using latest technology to evaluate the 4 ‘Cs’ and if the diamond has been treated in any way. Giving you piece of mind we know what we are selling and you know what you are buying.

The Diamond Certificate is important because it goes some way to protect you from unscrupulous sellers who sell treated diamonds, and diamonds of poor quality.  Your Certificate is able to provide you the basic information of the 4 “Cs’ as well as information regarding the symmetry and polish and the dimensions of the diamond.

We deal in conflict free diamonds that are internationally certified and of good quality.  If you need more information or you are in the market place for a diamond please send in a quote request or call us on 08 9301 5880 and we can make a time for you to chat with Pierre our diamond expert who will assist you through education and help guide you into making the correct discussion regarding that perfect diamond for you.