We all need help every now and again, and asking your special lady to marry you may be one of those occasions.  You may wish to KISS her with the beautiful diamond you have just bought for her, or the complete ring.  We can assist you with your selection of diamond, setting, colour of gold, and we can create your design with the CAD.

Make an appointment to come and see Pierre, but if your time is very precious we can assist via email, telephone or fax.  If you want the answer you are looking for being aware of what she is looking for in an engagement ring is a very good start….

The way you propose is also very important if you have a wild and fun loving girlfriend, then creating a teddy bear’s picnic will not be the way to go…  Maybe jumping out of a plane at 20,000ft with the ring in your pocket and landing at her feet with a Diamnd Club custom made ring, might get you a resounding “YES!!!”