Jewellery is valuable it is also small and very portable so easy for it to go missing.  Before you take out jewellery insurance anywhere else, call us at The Diamond Club for a quick and easy quote.

I know that every bodies circumstances are different but give yourself piece of mind and get your jewellery fully and comprehensively insured meaning fully comprehensive – covering all aspects of your ring, repair or replacement worldwide, offering quick, easy and hassle free claim settlements.

Taking the above into consideration we have over the years dealt with Q Report who are underwritten by Chubb Insurance of Australia, jewellery insurers, we have found they stand apart from the rest.

So when you are picking up your beautiful piece of jewellery we can provide a quick and easy quote for completely tailored insurance to accompany your custom made jewellery.

We also provide an insurance valuation service, so if you are looking to have your jewellery added to your home contents insurance  (make sure you read the fine print) then for a small charge, we can provide you with an updated, while-you-wait valuation, all you need to do is make an appointment.