How many times have you heard that bubbly, extroverted personalities are able to wear extremes of shape and size when choosing jewellery. But even though gemstones lore has become the domain of New Age crystal gazers, your shape, colouring size and personality all comes into play when selecting fine jewellery. Diamonds, for example are popular as engagement rings because they are associated with constancy and marriage. But if you aren’t tying the knot, when you give a diamond as a gift or buy one for yourself its good to know they also bring victory and good fortune, endow the wearer with courage and are an emblem of innocence. At base level, many people forget that even gold and silver are colours to be coordinated with your personal style. If you like cool colours (purple, blue and green), silver, platinum and white gold coordinates best with your wardrobe. Anyone who live in black should think platinum and diamonds for maximum impact. If brown, reds and yellows are your favourite colours, yellow gold garnets and rubies are superior choices. Fashion chameleons have the option of wearing jewellery that combines stones of more than one colour.