If you want something that is truly unique, custom engagement rings are the way to go. When you design a custom engagement ring, you can customize every detail, from the design to the materials, to make it uniquely yours. This enables you to design the ring of your dreams, one that tells your couple’s unique love story. To begin your search, you might want to look at popular diamond engagement ring styles. While some of you may find the perfect style for your partner by looking through the following ring styles, others may find more direction by looking at diamond cut or metal colour, and still others may decide that designing a custom diamond engagement ring in Perth with our design consultants here at The Diamond Club is the best option.

Styles of Diamond Engagement Rings That Are Trending

Perhaps you or your partner are certain of the cut you want and only want to look at popular styles within that cut. Alternatively, perhaps you prefer a more streamlined shopping experience in which you can peruse popular styles in each cut. We are here to present you with the most popular diamond engagement rings in each diamond shape and cut for your browsing pleasure, no matter where you are in your ring shopping journey. If you come across any diamond terminology that you aren’t familiar with, you can look up more information in our Diamond Glossary.

Engagement Rings with Round “Brilliant” Cut Diamonds

The round-cut diamond engagement rings, also known as the “brilliant” cut, is timeless and elegant. The triangular facets of this diamond-cut, combined with the round shape’s perfect symmetry, emphasize brilliance and fire; you’ll be hard-pressed to find a fancy cut diamond with comparable brilliance.

Engagement Rings with Cushion Cut Diamonds

The cushion-cut diamond engagement ring is pillowy, soft and delicate, with a romantic and feminine aesthetic. Cushion cuts have rounded corners and come in square and rectangular shapes to emphasize the diamond’s softness.

Engagement Rings with Princess Cut Diamonds

With the brilliance of a round cut diamond, the princess cut Custom Diamond Engagement Rings is the most popular fancy diamond shape. This diamond shape is captivating, chic, and beautiful in any setting or style.

Engagement Rings with Radiant Cut Diamonds

The radiant cut diamond engagement ring is a square or rectangular-shaped diamond with cut-off corners that increase brilliance slightly, but not as much as round or princess cut diamonds. The radiant cut is vibrant and charming, with a sophisticated air that complements emerald-cut diamonds in similar settings.

Engagement Rings with Asscher Cut Diamonds

The Asscher cut diamond engagement ring is shaped into a square with cut corners and has a feminine vintage aesthetic. The Asscher cut diamond’s polished, structured step cuts are similar to those of an emerald cut diamond, while the square shape adds mystery and mystique.

Diamond Engagement Rings in the Shape of a Pear

The pear-shaped diamond engagement ring has the elongated effect of a marquise diamond and the rounded elegance of a brilliant-cut diamond, making it look like a teardrop. With a dainty appearance on the finger, the pear shape is known for being whimsical, fun-loving, and bold.

Diamond Engagement Rings with an Oval Cut

The oval-cut diamond engagement ring has the brilliance of a round diamond with the added flair of an elongated, oval shape. Brides are flocking to the unique oblong shape that exudes whimsy and femininity, making the oval cut diamond the most popular diamond shape in the last two years.

Diamond Engagement Rings in the Shape of a Heart

The most romantic diamond shape, akin to wearing your heart on your finger, is the heart-shaped diamond engagement ring. The sentimental heart-shaped diamond is ideal for the passionate bride with an open, full heart.

Diamond Engagement Rings with a Marquise Cut

The marquise-cut diamond engagement ring is edgy, glamorous, and bold. The marquise diamond’s two pointed edges create a dramatic elongating effect on the finger while also serving as a stunning adornment for the larger-than-life bride.

Engagement Rings with Emerald Cut Diamonds

With symmetrical step cuts that create a hall of mirrors effect, the emerald-cut Custom Diamond Engagement Rings are timeless and sophisticated. Whether you prefer a square or rectangular emerald cut diamond, the emerald cut diamond’s effortlessly stylish aesthetic is ideal for the polished bride who appreciates order.

Customise your Diamond Engagement rings with The Diamond Club

We understand that your vision for your diamond engagement ring may differ from any of the styles in our showroom. From the center stone to the setting and band, we offer complete customization for your engagement ring. Our Diamond & Design consultants are available to assist you in selecting an engagement ring. The Diamond Club has the perfect Custom Diamond Engagement Rings in Perth and wedding band stack for you, whether you want to make minor changes to our showroom engagement rings, create a design from scratch, or choose a piece straight from our collection.