Gold, Diamond and Jewellery Buyers Perth

As a trusted buyer of gold, diamonds and jewellery of all kinds, The Diamond Club offers the most competitive rates in Perth. Having developed a reputation for reliable services, professional customer support, our team treats each client with the respect they deserve, offering the best possible prices for your pieces.


With our renowned fine jewellery experts available in-house, we’re able to provide you with exceptional prices for your diamonds. Our gemologists will analyse your diamond and give you a reliable quote instantly. Moreover, we ensure that our clients are always satisfied with the prices we give, and we’re more than happy to negotiate a mutual rate for your piece.


If you have unwanted and unused gold jewellery lying around your home, why not trade it in for instant cash? The Diamond Club offers a secure environment for you to confidently sell your gold jewellery to our trusted buyers. Additionally, we provide the best prices and have an established name for respectable customer service. Our gold buyers in Perth will assess the quality of your item and offer you a rate that is open to negotiation and designed to cater for both our requirements and yours.

As trusted jewellery buyers in Perth, we buy various gold and diamond pieces, rewarding you with extra cash to put in your pocket. Our experts test and weigh every piece to ensure you receive a more than the fair rate for what you are offering. From chains, rings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, earrings, charms, lockets and more – we’re always on the lookout for jewellery of various kinds.

To find out more about our gold, diamond and jewellery buyers in Perth, contact our customer service team.