When you meet Pierre at The Diamond Club he will always take you outside to look at the diamonds – why does he do that you ask yourself….   It’s because he wants you to see the diamond in day light.

He will explain what your money buys in a diamond, so that you can get the maximum you can for your budget.  So call today and book a time to meet with Pierre.

He has a CAD for all CAD designs which means he can almost do anything.

We provide an insurance valuation with every diamond ring sold, and for the life of the ring we offer free cleaning, polishing and re-sizing.

In today’s internet market place, where do you go if you have bought off the internet should your main stone become loose or you need your ring re-sizing.

You are more than welcome to come to The Diamond Club we will assist you, but buying direct from us at competitive marketplace prices where you call in if you have any questions, or you need your ring polishing for that special occasion.  We will always do our utmost to complete your request the same day.

We deal in EGL and GIA certified stones and we will explain what that means for your complete understanding.