congratulations are in order if you are taking the next step in your relationship?

Are you considering a bridal set? A bridal set is a pair of rings that are designed to be worn together. The Engagement Ring and the Wedding ring.

You need to keep your Wedding ring safe until the big day! Buying a bridal set or wedding set takes a lot of the guess work out of choosing, and it is convenient.

How do you feel about his wedding band matching your’s just a larger version? Would you want to choose your rings together, or do you want a big surprise?

Whichever way you choose do consider a bridal set. If you decide just to buy the engagement ring for now, then later on when it’s your wedding day is being planned, we can design and match your wedding band to your engagement ring.

We may need your engagement ring for a short while so that we can match the setting of your engagement ring, but not for long.

Please call and we can book a time to discuss your ideas, and we can turn them into reality for you.