Shopping with Confidence for Engagement Rings in Perth

Buying rings particularly rings with special significance such as engagement and wedding rings in Perth, is a major commitment of time, money and emotion. For this reason, select the right jeweller is just as important as selecting the right piece of jewellery. Couples want a jeweller who not only offers a quality range of products, but whose expertise and service are of the highest level. The Diamond Club in Perth offers all of the above when it comes to buying that all important engagement ring in Perth, and our repeat business is a measure of the highest level of our expertise and commitment, to all our clients.

The Diamond Club commit to doing our best for you both before and after the purchase, it is crucial to your satisfaction, and the pleasure you will get from your engagement and wedding rings.

Here are a few questions you may want to consider when choosing your jeweller;

  • How long has the jeweller been in business?The Diamond Club has been in business in Australia for 11 years and in total for 33 years and specialise in engagement rings in Perth

  • What is the jeweller’s reputation?Reputation is excellent look at our reviews from other couples who choose The Diamond Club for there engagement rings in Perth

  • Has the jeweller got the product knowledge you are seeking? Such as diamonds, gold, design etc.?Pierre the owner of the business has been in the diamond business for over 34 years and has extensive knowledge of engagement and wedding rings. And is a qualified Diamond grader and Jewellery valuer.

  • Will the jeweller help you look after your engagement in Perth or any other piece of jewellery after you have purchased such as wedding bands and diamond stud earrings.The Diamond Club’s commitment to after purchase service is excellent. Assisting with jewellery insurance through Q Report underwritten by Chubb, is just one of the added services provided.

  • Are they a member of the Jewellery Association of Australia (JAA)? Yes, The Diamond Club is a member of the JAA and the Diamond Dealers Club of Australia

You can shop with confidence at The Diamond Club for your Diamond Engagement Rings in Perth.