The Diamond Club in Joondalup are the diamond ring specialists, if you want an excellent high quality Emerald cut diamond which are known for their understated elegance with the clean parallel lines of the step cut and the angled corners.  It sometimes comes square and it is then known as the Square Cut diamond or Asscher cut (which is a similar look). The Emerald cut diamond highlights clarity, the inclusions more visible than a Round Brilliant cut diamond.  It has a unique hall-of-mirrors effect.

Before buying an Emerald cut diamond or an Asscher cut do consider getting advice from Pierre at The Diamond Club for the very best wholesale price, and advice on what your money can buy in an Emerald cut diamond.


The Emerald cut is a step cut with angled corners and rows of pavilion and crown facets that run parallel to the girdle.  The traditional Emerald cut is rectangular in shape.  Recommended length to width ratio for Emerald cuts is 1.50-1.75.  Emerald cuts are known for their understated elegance.