We are finding at The Diamond Club that Yellow Gold is declining in popularity in favour of White Gold and Platinum.

Did you know that Platinum is among one of the purest and rarest of previous metals on this Earth.  It appeals to people for it’s subtle beauty and understated elegance.

Choosing the centre diamond is not the only consideration, Pierre will create your setting design on CAD and in any variety of metal.  The setting is important and Platinum is a superior precious metal due to it having unique properties because it is so strong.  It is the heaviest and strongest of metals and it is far less common and one of the rarest metals in all of the world and only found in certain countries, because of that it is classed as a luxury metal and is more expensive that white or yellow gold.

White or Yellow Gold is an alternative should you be on a budget.  White Gold and Palladium is another substitute should you desire a cool white metal design.  White Gold needs maintenance with rhodium plating as the core of the yellow gold will come through in time.  Palladium is a by product of Platinum and does not require regular rhodium plating.

Consider your budget, Platinum is a luxury metal but worth it, it is stronger, rarer, heavier, with more durability and some would say more difficult to work with as it can stretch, and is more malleable so there is a paradox in this precious metal.  White Gold you will need to re-plate from time to time, but the advantage of White Gold is the cost.

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