Getting engaged with the one you love is incredibly exciting. Once the date of your engagement is fixed, you get busy with making a long list of things to shop for your big day. The list contains your wedding dress, matching shoes, bag and the list goes on but, the most important, exciting and precious thing to shop for is the wedding ring which is a constant reminder of the important vows taken at the beginning of your marriage. The wedding is a highly momentous occasion of a couple’s life, where two people commit to stay together forever. The physical symbol of this beautiful moment is an engagement ring. They are wearable symbols of your love and commitment to one another.

Deliver Your Message to Your Love with Custom Diamond Ring

Your engagement or wedding ring carries significant meaning, so you must choose your diamond ring that matches your unique style and taste. This will let you own such precious jewellery that you’ll want to wear for a lifetime. At Diamond Club, you can design your diamond ring in Perth. We help you to express your heart out to your loved one through our custom design rings. Give your special message to your better half by designing your unique diamond ring with us and make it the most meaningful jewellery that your beloved will ever wear. Here at The Diamond Club we have designed many custom rings, so be assured that your most precious ring is in the best hands to give them the style you desire. You can find an enormous portfolio of designs that you can gain inspiration from, or you can also mix and match! We are committed to creating the piece you are dreaming of.

Solitaire Ring: Symbolising the Infinite Love

The round shape solitaire diamond ring is a symbol of eternity and dedication to a lifetime partnership. The beauty and integrity of the Solitaire diamond rings make them the most sophisticated one with timeless embodiment and expression for some incredible and precious moments of your life. They happen to be the most gorgeous piece of jewellery you get to look at every day. The sleek design is a stunning complement to every outfit and occasion. The ring with a prong solitaire setting contains minimal metal which means there’s more diamond to see and more light to pass through, thus adding to the diamond’s brilliance. Solitaire settings are an excellent match, regardless of the diamond’s shape and size as the prongs of a solitaire ring will keep the diamond securely in place. There are a variety of prong layouts used for solitaire rings. They include the cathedral solitaire setting, the split shank solitaire setting, knife edge settings, as well as four and six-prong solitaire settings. Make your diamond ring the most attractive one with your choice of metals- 18 carats white or yellow gold, platinum. The magnificent solitaire fits perfectly well in any metal you choose for.

Evaluate the Diamond

Below are the 4 Cs that determines our diamond gradation.

i) Cut: The cut of the diamond impacts the final look as a well-cut diamond can efficiently bounce light off from one edge to another and add superb brilliance to the stone.

ii) Colour: Diamond colour is graded from D (highest – colourless) to Z (light yellow). The D graded diamonds are rare to find and are quite expensive.

iii) Clarity: Clarity explains that the fewer the imperfections in the diamond, the better they are. When you select your diamond ring, look for the minimal inclusion of other minerals or tiny fractures in it.

iv) Carat: No one is unfamiliar with this word. Carat is the weight of the stone. The heavier the stone, the larger the carat weight.

Design your own custom ring for your lifelong partner to represent the beautiful relationship that you are honouring with your ring. Get the guidance of our highly qualified design consultants and get right to the heart of the perfect ring. We assure to provide you with a unique and intricately built ring that will ignite the spark in the wearer and will create a lasting positive impact in their heart forever.