When a diamond is graded professionally many factors are taken into consideration in order to arrive at a universally accepted grading scale to determine the quality and price of the diamond.

A total analysis of all the parameters are taken into account the primary consideration is the 4′c and the secondary consideration is the symmetry and polish.   Symmetry is how symmetrical the stone appears and how the facets points meet.  Polish is the smoothness and size of each facet.

At the moment the scale for diamond grading reads ‘excellent’, ‘very good’, ‘good’, ‘fair’, and poor. Avoid ‘poor’. 

We only deal in good quality diamonds and tend to deal in only ‘excellent’ and ‘very good’.  ‘Good’ only if the client chooses. The Carat weight, Cut and Shape, Clarity grading, Colour grading, as well as the information about the finish of the diamond which includes the Polish, Symmetry and Culet as well as the proportions of the diamond.  All of these can be found on your diamond certificate as well as Laboratory Report number.

We sell our diamonds at The Diamond Club on their appeal and beauty with the added security of the diamond certificate, so you know what you are buying and we know what we are selling.  The diamond certificate serves as a document of authenticity and identification.

Hopefully the beauty of the diamond, and the diamond setting of your choosing appeals to your heart, and of course, the diamond certificate appeals to your head consequently  it is a belief that your head and heart will be in sync when buying a diamond and diamond setting from The Diamond Club.