Design Your Diamond Ring Perth

Your true love deserves a truly unique diamond ring. Whether you are using one of our diamonds in your heirloom ring, recreating sentimental pieces into something new or creating a brand new design, our master jewellers at the Diamond Club are here to design your diamond ring within your budget.

We help couples design and customise the perfect engagement ring, from picking the ideal diamond, to selecting the metal that you love best, we are here to help you every step of the way.

At The Diamond Club, we understand that your jewellery you wear is art you get to take anywhere with you.While the idea of designing a ring from the initial sketch to final piece may seem daunting, we are experienced in working side-by-side with you to turn your design dreams into a stunning reality.With decades of experience, we are well-versed in interpreting customers wants and desires and using the skill and expertise of our designers and jewellers to create the perfect piece that engraves your beautiful love story on your diamond ring.

Together We Create your Vision

Whether you’re using your own ideas, rough sketches and photos that inspire you or even just discussing what you have in your mind, we strive to get to perfectly understand your vision. We love to create together with our customers, and nothing makes us happier than discovering ways to incorporate bespoke elements to your design and seeing the final product come to life. We aren’t happy with settling for a good ring, here at The Diamond Club we strive for excellence and aim to make each item a piece you can be proud to wear and a piece you can cherish forever. When it comes to designing your dream diamond ring in Perth, you can get expert help in person from the team here at The Diamond Club.

Talk with Experts

Bespoke consultations have become easier than ever. Whether you are living in Perth or living further away we are able to work with you, both in person and over phone/video consultations, using our top of the range computerised programs. We have a team of designers who ready and willing in assist you in designing your jewellery over the internet, phone or face to face. You can contact our office and schedule an online or phone consultation. We are available for face-to-face at our shop in Perth, WA, Australia.

Start with a Stone

With our access to the diamond wholesales database we can look through thousands of diamonds in various shapes, sizes and characteristics, and help find the perfect one for you.Picking the right diamond has several processes. With our team of experts by your side to help source the perfect stone, we know you won’t be disappointed.  Perfect diamond, perfect setting and perfect experience- all combined to create your perfect piece.

We Respect Your Budget

Customising jewellery doesn’t have to be over-priced or highly expensive. At The Diamond Club, your budget is key in design process, and we will never try to sell you a ring or a diamond that goes beyond your budget. We use our experience and huge diamond database to help you through the processes of creating an exquisite piece of jewellery. You get design your dream diamond ring without breaking your budget.

With our expert help and experience, you can simply dream big and watch your dreams come to life.

For an estimate or more information about any of these services, please contact The Diamond Club.