So it is Valentine’s Day and you are planning to make it special for your loved one. And your loved one deserves only the best, and what could be better than diamonds. That special relationship of yours deserved nothing less, and it has been the most expensive thing in the world, and the reason is your loved one.

However, as much as your love and affection are priceless for your loved one, these exquisite comes with a heavy price tag. Getting rings or embedding them into jewellery becomes a costly affair, once they are cut and set into a ring. Hence, most buyers prefer to buy diamonds wholesale. Even if you have bought diamonds before, you should explore the jewellery wholesaler in Perth to get diamonds at the best price.

Understanding the difference between wholesale and retail

You must be able to differentiate between retail and wholesale gems apart before you start shopping for diamonds at wholesale price. In the business world dealing with diamonds, a wholesaler buys a diamond from the cutter and then sells the loose diamonds to you. You will get these stones at a much lesser price than what the retailer will ask from you. Because a retailer buys it from the wholesaler, then adds the value and services to the diamonds, and then quotes an exorbitant price.

Why buys loose diamonds?

Well, loose diamonds are another name for wholesale diamonds and you will be benefitted when you buy them at wholesale rates. Some of these are-

  • At a much cheaper price, you will be getting a raw diamond which you can mould by giving your design. Also, the price will be lower than that of any jewellery store.
  • The jewellery wholesaler in Perth ensures that the stone is exactly cut the way you wanted it, and then set it according to your wishes.
  • Be creative and get the design of your choice. Surprise your loved one with your creativity

Getting the right kind of diamond is important, and with a raw diamond, you get the right size, shape, clarity, and colour. You get to share your ideas and get the desired design for the person you love. Since your love is as priceless as the diamond, you need to get the best for the person you love and care for, but without spending an exorbitant price. However, you need to look at these following qualities when buying loose diamonds from:

  • That they are at least GIA certified
  • Buying the stones directly from the cutters
  • Should have the policy of exchange and return
  • Have been in the market for at least a few years
  • Acquainted with popular diamond brands

With these qualities, rest assured you will be getting superior quality diamonds.

Buying diamonds online or at the shop?

Everything is happening online these days. From ordering things to falling in love. Online is the in thing. Well coming to buying your diamonds at wholesale price, online deals are much easier to clinch in than the shops. First, you get it at a much cheaper price, they have excellent return policies and have it delivered to your home. Also, you can order it at your own feasible time.

Setting the diamond in the ring

After getting the desired diamond, it is time to sit down and brood over the design. What made you fall in love with her/him? For the very reason that they were different from others. Hence, when you design your diamond ring in Perth you need to make your partner feel your emotions, your love. Design is as unique as the feeling that you harbour for her/him.

At Perth, the process is something that will leave you overjoyed. Just share the idea, and the designers can have it ready within no time.

Reasons that you should design your diamond ring Perth

  • Customised ones are much simpler. Share your ideas and watch them being designed the way you wanted
  • Let the diamond ring speak out your emotions and love. Incorporate thoughts or touches that remind you of her, and so the diamond too should be able to reflect those feelings and emotions.
  • It is priceless and not expensive. As to the popular belief that customized rings could be expensive, designers are known to design your diamond ring in Perth without sacrificing your budget.
  • Design a unique and special ring, just like your feelings for your loved ones. If you are looking to create something different and special, you must go for customised rings rather than ready-made ones. Something that is original, that is unique, something that is made only for your loved one.
  • It is a fun and exciting process since you get to learn the different aspects of the stone and the design process.
  • Get expert advice while customising the ring. You share and get ideas, suggestions, opinions, and advice, and then you get your desired ring.

Still brooding whether or not to take the plunge

If you are still thinking to express your love through the diamond ring, then allow us to tell you it is the right time to take the plunge. Not because we want you to buy the ring from us, but because, if you have been thinking to gift them a diamond ring, then that someone is special to you. And special ones are easily taken over. So it is time to go for it. And with customised diamond ring, things are going to fall into the right place.

Time to go for the flow

There is no right time to give out the diamond ring to your loved one, Valentine’s Day is just one such occasion. Gifting diamonds in a way makes the day and the moment special. So you just need to create the right environment to woo your love with the ring. And nowadays you just don’t walk into a store and buy a ring. Your loved one is going to be pleasantly surprised when the ring that you bought for her has been customised. Which says a lot about you. As you have put lots of thought into customising the ring. Custom rings have changed the game forever and for the better. Better and forever, because the design elements customized by you add up a special meaning to your ring. Those elements have been part and parcel of your journey together, which you are going to retain in the years to come.

Designing the way you wanted

Do you know you will be stealing the heart of your loved one, once again when they are made aware that how much thought process has gone into it to get the perfect customised ring. You got the diamond at a wholesale price, the precious metals, the diamond rings as well as the design elements. This shows how much you have put into an effort for the relationship. This tells a lot about your relationship.

A customised one will be unique, one that is true of its kind, and something that she is going to cherish for the rest of her life. Adding a personal touch makes the ring more meaningful. It carries the symbol of love for each other.