You have spent weeks trolling through all the jewellery stores, who seem to stock almost the same products.  You have seen what you don’t like.  Browsed endlessly through the bridal magazines, and you still have not seen exactly the ring that you always knew once you saw it, you would recognise your dream ring. Not quite seen it yet!

What you need to do, is make a plan.   The plan should be to call us, The Diamond Club, we are located in the heart of Joondalup, Western Australia  and make an appointment, to chat with Pierre.  If you have any photos, hand drawings, ripped pages out of a magazine, or anything else you can think of bring it all in.  Pierre will assist in your selection of setting by finding out your tastes, your lifestyle, your budget, the work you do and what precious metal you are considering.

Pierre is passionate about creating the perfect design which reflects your dreams, and it is yours alone. He will ask perceptive questions, and bring together his skills to transform your thoughts into a unique sketch drawing and it will be working together getting to know your tastes, style, dreams etc. to give you that preliminary design.  Once you have seen the design you can talk things over decide whether you go ahead because it’s perfect or whether after some thought you want to make some changes.  No problem. Once finalised. We send the CAD off for casting in the precious metal of your choice, we will then clean and polish set the diamonds, with our expert diamond setter bringing his 25 year skills to work on your setting.  Once all completed and quality assured we will call you to tell you the diamond ring of your dreams is waiting to be collected.