• The traditional way, choose the ring entirely by yourself.
  • She knows about it and planned already, both come into the store and choose the design together.
  • The other option is to choose the centre diamond and propose with the diamond.

Here are some hints on how to determine her style….

  1. Do she currently wear jewellery if so, is it white gold, silver, yellow gold, platinum or two tone or even possibly rose gold?
  2. Take into consideration her hands.  You need to consider how the ring will look on her finger.  Pierre from The Diamond Club will assist you with this
  3. Also what does she do for employment, is it an office job or physically demanding work or does she need to take it off at work.
  4. What does she wear? Is she faminine? Is she sporty, classic, modern, quirky.
  5. Do you have a design she has already selected or you know the look and feel of the ring she is wishing for.

Once you have established the above basics. You know your budget, and your time frame, and the style all you need to think about is the design.  Pierre will go through everything with you to assist in bringing everything together to make that beautiful ring.