When buying a diamond engagement ring it is a little more important than other pieces of jewellery or tradition it’s a decision about embarking on a future together. Your love is not measured by how much you spend on an engagement ring, but having a budget in mind makes it easier.  Spend time looking at your options. When you know what you want to spend and what you can afford why not look at The Diamond Club’s Design Your Own Ring, you can mix and match diamond shapes and settings with no obligation, and it may help you narrow down a kind of setting and the shape of diamond you are looking for.  You can experiment as much as you like without buying.  This will ensure you buy that perfect diamond engagement ring.

Call The Diamond Club and speak with Pierre, he can assist with a obligation free quote.

We design and manufacture and custom make our diamond rings in Joondalup.  Each step of the way we involve you to the extent you want to.  Consider looking and experimenting with the “Design your Own Ring” and calling us.  We also provide assistance with jewellery insurance so you can be insured before you leave the store with your most precious diamond engagement ring.