What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a birthstone, usually in the form of a jewellery piece. Why every month was assigned a specific stone is still unclear but it was believed that people started to wear a different gem stones each month as a sort of talisman, believing each stone held certain powers and gradually specific gemstones became attached to specific months. In 1912 a birthstone list was created for commercial use and it is now excepted all over the world. Some months have more than one stone and over the next weeks we will share with you some information on the birthstone assigned for every month of the year.


Things you should not do with a marriage proposal – continued

Years ago it was fashionable to hide the ring in food, but hiding the ring in food is not that popular anymore. It’s been in a thousand movies and television shows. You will definitely not score points for creativity. It depends on your bride to be and the kind of relationship that you two have, but it is advisable not to propose at a big sport game. It can be very loud and chaotic and that will take away from the romance. Try to make it a unique experience but stay away from something that will be to complicated. Sometimes the proposal can be so stressful and worry some that the groom-to- be is in such a panic state that he can not focus on the proposal itself and that will steel the joy out of the moment.


Things you should not do with a marriage proposal


Once you have worked up the courage to pop the question and you have done all the right things to make it a magical moment, there is still a few things you should “not do”to ensure that you have a magical moment outcome. It is best to keep the moment personal. Unless she told you that she would like to have a splashy all out there proposal its best to keep it intimate. Many brides-to-be would prefer to share this big event just between the two of you. After all you have the rest of your lives to tell the world about your marriage but you only have one engagement moment. It is also best not to do it in front of her family as this can just add more stress that you do not need. Your families will merge with your marriage by default and they don’t  need to be present when you pop the question. You can immediately let everyone know afterwards.