Symbols of Love

Falling in love is a blessing that many of us have savoured at least once in our lifetime. Most of us dream of what our engagement ring should look like but do you actually know the history behind the symbol of true love? In many cultures , the engagement and wedding rings are the ultimate symbol of love, devotion and commitment. Today the diamond engagement ring is common practise but historically , this tradition is fairly recent, beginning only in 1939, when De Beers launched a giant advertising campaign featuring diamonds as the engagement ring. Although the exact origin of the engagement ring is unknown, it was believed that it all began in the caveman days. A woven cord of rushes was tied around the hands and feet of his mate so that she would not escape. Once he thought that she would stay, he just tied her hands and finally when he was assured of her commitment, the cord was only tied around her finger. The ancient Greeks probably started the tradition as we know it today. Known as their betrothal ring. It was derived from the word “troweth” meaning truth. It meant giving a truth or a pledge and an engagement ring became an indication to everyone that a woman had pledged her love to one man alone. It was the Romans however, who were thought to have started the tradition of wearing the engagement ring on the third finger of the left hand. This was believed to be the “vena amoris” which translates to “vein of love”. This vein was thought to lead directly to the heart , and the theory itself is generally attributed to the Egyptians. This romantic theory makes for good conversational starters and the same can be said about Archduke Maximillian of Hamburg. The first ever recorded diamond engagement ring was given to his love, Mary of Burgundy in 1477. We can all thank him for coming up with this brilliant idea of a huge rock as an engagement ring.

Making a statement when walking down the Aisle

Everyone knows how important accessories are to any outfit. You can turn a simple little black number into a magnificent outfit with a pair of diamond studded chandelier earrings or a vintage-inspired necklace. You can transform your total look from ordinary to fashionably hip with a string of bohemian beads or a statement ring on your hand. In todays modern age it is all about the bling factor and the trend is leaning towards luxury and glamour. Your wedding day is one of those momentous occasions in life which is celebrated with everyone close to you and you will want to look your absolute best as you saunter down the aisle in your dream gown, to marry the man of your dreams. Looking and feeling gorgeous and having found the perfect dress, wearing the perfect accessories will add that finishing touch. This year the trend is all about keeping it real. Precious gemstones set in Platinum and either white or yellow gold is the only way to go. Invest in a quality piece that you can cherish for years to come.


From the symbolism of a cross, to the wearing of birth-Stones and lucky charms and the rites and rituals of surrounding engagement and wedding rings- the use of jewellery can denote religious feeling, spiritual belief and ideals of love. In our rational world we may overlook the irrational behaviours we all partake in. Some things can not be explained as languages can fall short of expressing great sentiments and stirring of the soul. Like poetry, jewellery can be considered superfluous. But the world would be less beautiful, less magical and less delightful without is.

A little piece of mind

Shopping for an an engagement ring may be the most significant purchase you will make in your life after purchasing a home. A diamond is forever, and this  bears apparelled truth as it is to certain outlive a couple, preserving only the sweetest memories for generations to come. Hence finding the perfect diamond is vital preserve your love eternally, but is most often easier said than done. Couples can often feel overwhelmed when purchasing the right diamond. As a result diamond certification programmes were established and many consumers now had something to rely on when making a purchase. Buying a diamond that has been graded and certified by an independent diamond grading laboratory you as the buyer can be secure in the knowledge that the diamond has been checked, graded and certified by an independent third party and the  consumers can be assured that the company has no interest in grading loosely to boost profits.