Fancy Shapes

When it comes to designing your diamond ring, fancy shape diamonds gives you more options to reflect your own personality and put your signature stamp on your design. At The Diamond Club we create exquisite designs with all different shape diamonds. Fancy shapes add more than just design value to the ring with their prices often lower that the round brilliant cut diamond and this is great news for clients on a budget.

Diamond Information is Key

There is four key elements also known as the 4C’S of a diamond which influence the prices of  diamonds. First there is the cut of the diamond. The majority of people only look at at colour and clarity as being important but the cut of a diamond can be the difference between a dull lifeless diamond and a diamond that has fire and brilliance. Second we have the colour. The colour scale starts at a colour D which is colourless and going right down to a Z which appears brown/yellow. The closer you get to the colour D the more expensive and sought after the diamond becomes. Thirdly there is the clarity which refers to a diamonds natural imperfections or inclusions, you can say a diamonds birthmarks. The fewer inclusions in a a diamond the more valuable the stone becomes. Last but least there is the carat which is the weight of your diamond. At the Diamond Club all our diamonds are hand selected for you to make sure you get what will fit your taste and pocket.

Wedding Rings

Are you about to choose your wedding rings and you are stressing?  Choosing your wedding bands should be an exciting time of your life. Your wedding rings are the symbol of your love and your life together, so you are going to wear it for a very long time.  Don’t stress –


FOR HER consider these tips: 

  • Most ladies wear an engagement ring – your engagement ring will influence the design of your wedding ring.
  • Your wedding ring and engagement ring should appear that there were made to be worn together.
  • But, sometimes you would like to wear your wedding ring on its own. So your wedding ring could be a standalone piece.
  • Would you like diamonds or gems in your wedding ring?
  • Do you want the same shape diamonds as your engagement ring or different, or maybe alternate the shape?
  • Do you want matching wedding rings?


FOR HIM consider this tips:

  • What is your lifestyle – do you do manual labour or work in an office.
  • Do you play sport?
  • Are you allowed to wear your ring at work or are there safety issues to consider?
  • All of the above could influence your choice of metal, because you will need something hardwearing, so the choice of metal is a consideration.
  • What about style – Are you a guy who will wear his wedding ring only at weekends, then you may want to choose something a little bit different or are you a no-nonsense kind of guy, if so, a classical look maybe for you.
  • You also may find wearing a ring uncomfortable, if so, consider a comfort fit wedding ring or a luxury fit.
  • Would you consider having diamonds set into your wedding ring?


The Diamond Club will take all of the above into consideration should you need advice on the design of your wedding rings – we are here to help – The Diamond Club we aim to be your personal jeweller.