Diamond Stud Earrings are elegant for Christmas

Diamond stud earrings have been extremely popular as they are an excellent Christmas present for the one you love. Eternity rings have been a very popular Christmas present this year as well. At The Diamond Club in Joondalup, Western Australia we have seen a large increase in sales of diamond stud earrings, eternity rings, and black diamond jewellery.  Semi precious gems have been very popular as well, we have made some beautiful pieces with the setting of 1st class rubies, sapphires and the great Australian opal.

The Diamond Club is well known for its custom designed jewellery as well as being a leading diamond specialist in Western Australia with a reputation for sourcing quality diamonds at wholesale prices.  There is a workshop on the premises producing quality workmanship from its goldsmiths and the diamonds are individually set by a professional diamond setter.

Diamond Stud earrings make a lovely Christmas present

Earrings have adorned the ears of woman as well as men for centuries. The Diamond Club located in Joondalup Western Australia have found diamond stud earrings to be very popular this month, as they do make a lovely Christmas present. They are a stunning piece of jewellery that creates a timeless elegance.

The Diamond Club is located in Joondalup Western Australia and they are able to assist with your requirements for diamond stud earrings

Buying an engagement ring can be emotional

Whether you are searching for a large diamond of very good quality or you are trying to balance your budget with a compromise between size and quality, making the correct decision can be stressful.

As you may be aware an engagement ring is made up of two parts, the diamond and the diamond ring/setting. It is important to get them both correct.  At The Diamond Club Pierre with his knowledge base with assist you with information so that you can make the right decision on both counts.  You should give great consideration to the cut, colour and the size.  “What size is it?”  is more often than not one of the first questions her friends will ask her, and you want her to have the biggest and the whitest diamond in the best setting you can find.

You are best armed with knowledge as it is a big emotional and financial investment.  Pierre at The Diamond Club in Joondalup will be able to help finding that perfect setting and that perfect diamond for you.

Christmas time is one of the best times to propose

For most people Christmas time is a happy time of the year which makes is one of the best times of the year to propose.  There is fun and beautiful decorations everywhere, it’s the time when family all come together.  All you need is that perfect diamond to set into that perfect setting for that perfect girl. The Diamond Club is Joondalup Western Australia will help you find that perfect diamond and setting, and because you are only going to propose the once you need to do it right and obviously get the right answer.

The Round Brilliant cut diamonds are always popular and we have found at The Diamond Club the 6 claw solitaire has been the most popular setting for the month of December so far.  Talk to Pierre at The Diamond Club and he can help you with your choice through his love and passion for all things diamond, to choose either a Round Brilliant cut, ideal cut, emerald, princess, radiant, oval, pear, heart diamond to sit in that perfect custom made setting just for you and your loved one.

Unmistakable symbol of love – Heart shaped diamond

The modified brilliant cut Heart shaped diamond is a most powerful symbol of love.  The silhouette of a heart shape can vary from narrow to fat.  Some our of clients prefer the narrow silhouette, but it is personal preference.  It is very important to select the right characteristics of the diamond and Pierre from The Diamond Club will assist you to select a diamond where both halves of the stone are identical.

You are more than welcome to contact The Diamond Club, Pierre Joubert, to guide you to select the correct diamond.