Is Your Wedding Anniversary Coming up Soon? Some Special Gifts Ideas for You…

In case you are wondering what Special Gift you could buy for your next Wedding Anniversary here is a list of the stones that represent your Anniversary.

1st Pearl   2nd Coral   3rd Turquoise   4th Amber   5th Diamond   6th Sapphire   7th Aquamarine   8th Amethyst   9th Tourmaline   10th Diamond   11th Garnet   12th Citrine  13th Lapis   14th Opal   15th Diamond   16th Jade   17th Emerald   18th Malachite  19th Beryl   20th Diamond   25th Silver   30th Diamond   35th Peral   40th Ruby  45th Sapphire   50th Gold   55th Emerald   60th Diamond.

Happy to help your make your special choice even more special here at the Diamond Club 9301 5880.  You can select a design from many of our samples here or we can help you design your own piece and show you the computer aided design for your approval.

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Here at the Diamond Club we wish to show you how much we value you by providing the following services for FREE for the LIFE TIME of all jewellery purchased here.  To ensure your jewellery will always look it’s best we recommend regular cleaning and re-plating.

Free Life Time Aftercare Services for you..

FREE Annual specialized cleaning of your piece(s)

FREE Rhodium re-plating for White Gold Jewellery (every 1-2 years)

FREE minor repairs or minimal charges may apply.

FREE Insurance Quotes

FREE Insurance Certificates (when requested)


Diamonds come in an array of different shapes and sizes, which one you choose is really up to your individual personal taste and preference. There are several shapes to select from including; ROUND (most popular), TRILLION (triangular), PEAR (teardrop), MARQUISE (oval with 2 points), HEART, EMERALD, OVAL and PRINCESS cut (square) also very popular.  The classic Round Brilliant Cut diamond is the most sought after and is most valued for its brilliance (sparkle or fire).  While each shape has it’s own attractions and characteristics here at the Diamond Club we will help you select your diamond which offers the most brilliance and best cut to suite your design and of course your budget!

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