Does Brilliance matter in a diamond ?

Do you notice the cut of the diamond or it’s brilliance?  You may not know what we are talking about.  We know our client’s do not come in and ask to compare brilliance, but brilliance is something we do not compromise on at The Diamond Club, it is something we have been hanging our hat on for years.  We know the shape of the diamond is most important then possibly the size and colour, there is no point in having a diamond that  is hazy, dull, with no brilliance because brilliance is beauty and it attracts, because it is pleasing visually.

The Diamond Club can educate you to make the right decision when purchasing such a unique luxury product as a diamond.  We welcome you into our store to talk to Pierre regarding what to look for in a diamond and what your money can buy.

Emerald cut diamonds

The Diamond Club in Joondalup are the diamond ring specialists, if you want an excellent high quality Emerald cut diamond which are known for their understated elegance with the clean parallel lines of the step cut and the angled corners.  It sometimes comes square and it is then known as the Square Cut diamond or Asscher cut (which is a similar look). The Emerald cut diamond highlights clarity, the inclusions more visible than a Round Brilliant cut diamond.  It has a unique hall-of-mirrors effect.

Before buying an Emerald cut diamond or an Asscher cut do consider getting advice from Pierre at The Diamond Club for the very best wholesale price, and advice on what your money can buy in an Emerald cut diamond.


The Emerald cut is a step cut with angled corners and rows of pavilion and crown facets that run parallel to the girdle.  The traditional Emerald cut is rectangular in shape.  Recommended length to width ratio for Emerald cuts is 1.50-1.75.  Emerald cuts are known for their understated elegance.

Repairs, remodelling jewellery

At The Diamond Club we offer a range of services design, repair, re-design, re-model, repair all of which are done on the premises in our Joondalup store.  We can restore your old pieces of jewellery to their former glory or we can advise you on the best way to give your old piece a new style.  So if you have some disused or broken pieces and/or diamonds in an old piece we can remodel by melting down the gold and using your diamonds, we can add gold and diamonds to enhance your piece.

We hope to see you in our store where we can give you advice on the best way to restore your old piece, or enhance your old piece, or even create the design of your dreams to include a beautiful diamond.  All our diamonds are conflict free and you can be confident that your piece will be restored or designed to the highest quality.  All this done in our workshop.

Wedding Bands

At The Diamond Club we offer the opportunity to for you to come in and let us design your wedding band to match your engagement ring.  Using the CAD we are able to precisely design your engagement ring and/or wedding bands eternity rings, friendship rings. It can be extremely frustrating not to find what you are looking for on a shelf, we are able to assist with a design all we will need to do is look at the engagement ring, possibly take photos and measurements, and then create that beautiful piece of jewellery that you have been dreaming of.

There are some very beautiful gents wedding bands in the marketplace today. We can custom make anything and we are building a fantastic reputation for being the engagement ring specialists, as well as the matching wedding bands specialists.

Custom made is The Diamond Club but at wholesale prices direct to you, so you can afford to make your jewellery dreams come true

Second-hand dealers license

The Diamond Club has a second-hand dealers license which means you can cash in your old unwanted, broken or unwearable jewellery, or you can use the gold to make a new piece.  With a little imagination and our professional skill base we are able to help you create a jewellery piece of your dreams.   You may just need to have your broken piece restored, we are able to do that for you to wear it.

so whether you want your sentimental gold to be recycled and incorporated into a new piece, but enhanced with new gemstones or diamonds or whether it has too many bad memories for you and you need the gold gone out of your life we are able to help.

Call today and make an appointment so that we can assess your jewellery pieces and turn them into crafted pieces you will wear everyday.

We can also assist if you are interested in upgrading your diamond.  Call 9301 5880 for an appointment .

Are you searching for that perfect diamond?

The Diamond Club in Joondalup WA are the engagement ring specialists.  If you are searching for that perfect diamond ring, let The Diamond Club do the searching for your.

Each diamond is personally selected for it’s exceptional brilliance and quality and it is sold direct from the site holder direct to you so you save thousands.

With our personal and professional approach to crafting that perfect setting for you, The Diamond Club provides an unbeatable combination for the piece of jewellery you have been dreaming about.

Engagement ring specialists!

Wedding Bands and Brides To Be

Your engagement ring should be your show pony.  Your wedding band even though purchased last it is still a very significant purchase should not outshine your engagement ring.  If you are intending to wear your engagement ring and wedding band together, then they should match.  You can either buy them together as a bridal set or if individually then you should get it manufactured to set matching your engagement ring so they look like they belong together.

In days gone by, well around 30 years ago the fashion was to buy his and hers matching wedding bands, the nearest matching is probably the same gold colour, but that is as far as matchy goes these days.  Although the bride to be would like some input into his wedding band, the guys are more stylish today and like the bride they are going to be wearing their wedding band all the time.  At The Diamond Club there are some absolutely fabulous designs of gents wedding bands, and we are seeing a slight trend of having diamonds set in his ring.

Engagement Rings Perth

Cut Cornered Square Modified Brilliant cut diamond or the Radiant cut seems to be the most popular this month.  This is what we call a mixed fancy cut sharing the round brilliant cut and the emerald cut diamond designs.  You can either choose a Square or Rectangular shape.

The Radiant cut diamond is stylish and sophisticated and lends itself to the vintage style quite elegantly.

What ever your budget The Diamond Club can provide you with a no risk quote for you!  Whether you are in the market place for an engagement ring, wedding bands, bridal set, loose diamonds, or an eternity ring, you need to call The Diamond Club in Joondalup and make an appointment to come in and meet with Pierre, he will assist with your selection of your diamond, your custom design or even if you want to upgrade your diamond.  The Diamond Club is the place to call 08 93015880.

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