Loose diamonds

At The Diamond Club we are able to assist with yoru seelction of a loose diamond.  We have access to thousands of diamonds and we are sure we will source the own of you.

On our website your can build your own ring, add a loose diamond approximately the size you are looking for and if there is one that is of particular interest, then call us on 08 9301 5880 and we will assist you, by looking more closely at the diamond for you.

Should you wish to upgrade or consider re-modelling your existing ring, or you need a heirloom repaired then we can assist.  We have a workshop on our premises, and our after-sales service is second to none.  We offer free cleaning, polishing and resizing for the lifetime of any ring you purchase from us.

Should you have decided on a wedding band that has diamonds set in the band, we match up the setwork should you have diamonds in your engagement ring, all we need is your engagement ring for a few days, and a bridal set would be created.

Call us on 08 9301 5880 for any further information regarding any of the services we have discussed above.  We also provide a service of a link to Q Report jewellery insurance, and we provide insurance valuations as well.


Propose Your Love With a Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

If you are planning to propose your lady, the best idea will be to invite her for a romantic evening and then ask her to marry you by slipping a beautiful diamond engagement ring on her finger. Why diamond ring? Because they are the perfect symbol of love, commitment and romance. Every woman has a different taste when it comes to jewelry but almost every one of them prefer diamond engagement rings than any other type of stone.

Diamond engagement rings are the best way to express your love and you can find a variety of choices in diamond rings. So, you must select the one for your lady very carefully. Here are a few necessary things you should keep in mind to find the best diamond engagement ring for your love easily.

  • The first thing to find out the size of ring that she wears. You can ask her friends or relatives for her finger size or you can also wear her ring on your own finger and mark the area on your finger. The jeweler will able to measure the size easily.
  • You must pay attention to the jewelry she wears daily to get an idea of her taste and preference. Make sure that the look of the ring must suit her lifestyle and personality. You must also have the idea of which metal is her favorite, yellow gold, white gold or platinum.
  • Also make sure that you have selected a right setting for your diamond engagement ring. The setting of the ring will reflect her style and bring the beauty of diamond.
  • Shape of the diamond is another important thing to decide. You can choose from round, oval, pear and emerald keeping her taste and personality in mind.
  • The 4C’s of diamond that includes color, carat, cut and clarity should also be considered while selecting your diamond ring.

If you are planning to buy wedding and engagement rings in Perth, we are definitely the best choice. You can choose from our wide collection of diamond engagement rings to find the one that suits your love perfectly. We deliver high quality certified diamonds at the very best prices.

Choosing the Perfect Diamond Ring for Your Wedding

Do you know why diamonds are called a woman’s best friend? Because diamonds are a reflection of who you are and how you want the world to see you. When it comes to weddings, choosing the perfect stone is as important as choosing the perfect dress, because all eyes are glued to the bashful bride as she walks down the aisle. There are a wide variety of diamond rings available in the market which can bring about the very best in you on your wedding day:

  • Solitaire rings: These are those classic pieces which have a single centre stone that grabs all the attention. This is something which can never be out of vogue, because of its timeless beauty and magnificence. If you are planning to ask her for marriage with that stunning piece of solitaire ring, don’t worry for she is never going to say a no.
  • Rings with side stones: As the name itself says, this kind of ring has a dazzling centre stone surrounded with several petite pieces of diamonds. It is a classic alternative to the regular solitaire. The side stones are selected and fitted in such a way that they perfectly complement the central gem.
  • Three stone rings: Popularly dubbed as the trilogy or the trinity ring, this ring has a setting which supports three matching diamonds placed in a row horizontal to the main stone. The central stone is slightly bigger than the other stones.
  • Matching bridal sets: Then there are the matching bridal sets. It is a pair of rings that are designed for the couple. The two types in this set are the parallel rings and integrated rings.
  • Tension rings: The tension rings are characterized by smoothness, elegance and perfection. They are the ones with a round cut diamond, but with different stone shapes and designs.

We are one of the leading suppliers of conflict free diamonds, engagement rings and premier diamond jewellery in Perth. With us you can customize your own diamond ring, select from an exquisite collection of diamond rings or learn more about the different types of diamonds, how to choose the perfect one and how to determine the value of diamonds.