Custom Jewellery Design

You have spent weeks trolling through all the jewellery stores, who seem to stock almost the same products.  You have seen what you don’t like.  Browsed endlessly through the bridal magazines, and you still have not seen exactly the ring that you always knew once you saw it, you would recognise your dream ring. Not quite seen it yet!

What you need to do, is make a plan.   The plan should be to call us, The Diamond Club, we are located in the heart of Joondalup, Western Australia  and make an appointment, to chat with Pierre.  If you have any photos, hand drawings, ripped pages out of a magazine, or anything else you can think of bring it all in.  Pierre will assist in your selection of setting by finding out your tastes, your lifestyle, your budget, the work you do and what precious metal you are considering.

Pierre is passionate about creating the perfect design which reflects your dreams, and it is yours alone. He will ask perceptive questions, and bring together his skills to transform your thoughts into a unique sketch drawing and it will be working together getting to know your tastes, style, dreams etc. to give you that preliminary design.  Once you have seen the design you can talk things over decide whether you go ahead because it’s perfect or whether after some thought you want to make some changes.  No problem. Once finalised. We send the CAD off for casting in the precious metal of your choice, we will then clean and polish set the diamonds, with our expert diamond setter bringing his 25 year skills to work on your setting.  Once all completed and quality assured we will call you to tell you the diamond ring of your dreams is waiting to be collected.

Matching Diamond Wedding Bands

We specialise in matching the profile and the set work of your newly created wedding band to your existing diamond engagement ring.

If you are wanting to have a custome made matching wedding band set with diamonds then all you need to do at The Diamond Club, Joondalup, Perth Western Australia is bring in your engagement ring. Pierre will take the measurements of your engagement ring, we will then begin to create your wedding band, and then when we are ready for the diamonds to be set in your wedding band, we will call you and ask you to bring in your engagement ring.  Once we have your engagement ring we will then match the setting of the diamonds in your wedding band with the setting of the diamonds in your engagement ring.  We will only need the engagement ring for a couple of days.

So if you have a bespoke engagement ring and you want your wedding band to match and you are looking to have diamonds in your wedding band then give us a call on 9301 5880 and we will book you a time for a consultation with Pierre so that he can provide a quote and measurements.


Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings are a Christmas present that anyone would love.  They are a classic timeless piece that you can wear from morning to night.  That you can wear when you are in your jeans and t-shirt or your in-vogue designer business suite or dreamy cocktail dress.  At The Diamond Club we have a large selection of designs, that can be manufactured to your specification and budget.

They are a suitable gift for birthdays, wedding anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or that special “I Love You” day.

Contact The Diamond Club to discuss what size of diamond for your budget could you get for the stud earrings, whether you set them in White Gold, YellowGold, Rose Gold, Platinum with 4 claws, 6 claws, it it all about your taste.

Buying a diamond engagement ring

When buying a diamond engagement ring it is a little more important than other pieces of jewellery or tradition it’s a decision about embarking on a future together. Your love is not measured by how much you spend on an engagement ring, but having a budget in mind makes it easier.  Spend time looking at your options. When you know what you want to spend and what you can afford why not look at The Diamond Club’s Design Your Own Ring, you can mix and match diamond shapes and settings with no obligation, and it may help you narrow down a kind of setting and the shape of diamond you are looking for.  You can experiment as much as you like without buying.  This will ensure you buy that perfect diamond engagement ring.

Call The Diamond Club and speak with Pierre, he can assist with a obligation free quote.

We design and manufacture and custom make our diamond rings in Joondalup.  Each step of the way we involve you to the extent you want to.  Consider looking and experimenting with the “Design your Own Ring” and calling us.  We also provide assistance with jewellery insurance so you can be insured before you leave the store with your most precious diamond engagement ring.

Our simple way of helping you buy the diamond of your dreams

It is true what they say, diamonds are a girls best friend, but purchasing a diamond can be an intimidating course.  The Diamond Club takes the worry and stress out of this process which we have simplified for your peace of mind.  This will give you the confidence you need to buy that ‘gift of love’.

We will take the hard work out of the diamond search, we will ask what is important to you in a diamond, so we can establish what you want. We will then explain what your money buys in a diamond, and Pierre will insist on purchasing a very good to excellent cut of diamond.   You have probably heard of the 4C’s of Diamond Grading: colour, cut, clarity and carat weight, but it’s the cut that provides the fire and sparkle in a diamond.

How do you know if you are getting value for money?  We will source the biggest and whitest internationally certified diamond we can for you, making sure the cut is not compromised.  This process will separate the quality diamond from the not so good poorly cut diamond giving you value for money.

Call us today and we can begin your diamond buying journey together that will give you confidence and peace of mind.

Choosing the perfect gift

Through out time there has been a tradition of buying fine diamond jewellery for special occasions, i.e. achievements, graduation, engagement, wedding, anniversary, birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas etc.

Women generally treasure all their pieces of jewellery that have been given to them on the days in their lives that matter the most, from the people that matter the most.

There is no greater gift than a diamond gift that sparkles in the reflection of her eyes the moment she opens your gift.  Pierre at The Diamond Club can assist in every stage of the creation of that gift – be it a pair of diamond stud earrings, the eternity ring she has always been hinting at, or that engagement ring she has been dreaming of for so long.

Pierre has been in the jewellery business for a very long time, and with his friendly manner he will put you at ease.  Call today 9301 5880