Selecting the right jeweller

Your piece of jewellery i.e. your precious diamond ring is much more than an accessory, it is a sentimental item that reflects your personal taste.

Many jewellers sell mass-produced lines of jewellery, but at The Diamond Club we have a very positive relationship with our client.  When you step off the sidewalk and into The Diamond Club you will feel instantly at ease, and very likely greeted by our warm helpful staff who have been with The Diamond Club from the very beginning.  Pierre Joubert is a very approachable guy who has a polite but casual manner with impeccable sense of style and insistence on quality and perfection.  All of which have made an impact on the diamond industry in Perth, Western Australia as well as the clientele.  The Diamond Club has been manufacturing jewellery for a very long time and over the years built up confidence and loyalty among those who patronise the business.

In today’s style of answering service, taped messages mass production and long queues personalised attention and service seem like luxury, but when you shop for such a personalised item such as a captivating engagement ring set with a round brilliant cut diamond set in a custom made setting then The Diamond Club is the one to create that stunning piece for you.


Why not buy a diamond for yourself

Diamonds are popular set in engagement ring and wedding bands, but if you are not in the marketplace to get married, but you want to buy a diamond for someone else or yourself it is nice to know they are an emblem of innocence that they are also know to bring victory and good fortune, and empower the wearer.

How about selecting a diamond with heart in it’s sole. The Heart & Arrows diamond tag is universally recognised to mean ‘super-ideal’ propositions and with perfect polish and symmetry, giving the diamond the ultimate fire, brilliance and scintillation money can buy.   They are ‘top of their class’ and fetch premium price.

Talk to Pierre at The Diamond Club in Joondalup, Perth, Western Australia and he will explain what money buys in a diamond.  That a well-cut diamond will minimise the imperfections of the diamond, which allows you to go lower in clarity at a more reasonable price and you will find it looks livelier than a diamond with superior clarity that is not as well cut.  Beauty does have a price, but call The Diamond Club Pty Ltd to discuss your requirements with Pierre on 08 9301 5880.;


Did you know

We are finding at The Diamond Club that Yellow Gold is declining in popularity in favour of White Gold and Platinum.

Did you know that Platinum is among one of the purest and rarest of previous metals on this Earth.  It appeals to people for it’s subtle beauty and understated elegance.

Choosing the centre diamond is not the only consideration, Pierre will create your setting design on CAD and in any variety of metal.  The setting is important and Platinum is a superior precious metal due to it having unique properties because it is so strong.  It is the heaviest and strongest of metals and it is far less common and one of the rarest metals in all of the world and only found in certain countries, because of that it is classed as a luxury metal and is more expensive that white or yellow gold.

White or Yellow Gold is an alternative should you be on a budget.  White Gold and Palladium is another substitute should you desire a cool white metal design.  White Gold needs maintenance with rhodium plating as the core of the yellow gold will come through in time.  Palladium is a by product of Platinum and does not require regular rhodium plating.

Consider your budget, Platinum is a luxury metal but worth it, it is stronger, rarer, heavier, with more durability and some would say more difficult to work with as it can stretch, and is more malleable so there is a paradox in this precious metal.  White Gold you will need to re-plate from time to time, but the advantage of White Gold is the cost.

Call The Diamond Club in Joondalup 93015880 to discuss your choice of previous metal and of course not forgetting your centre diamond.

Insurance Valuation and Insurance Cover

The season of good cheer is upon us, and we need to be a little bit more careful with our precious items of jewellery.   We at The Diamond Club can assist you with an insurance valuation it costs $70 per item, (earrings are considered 2 items because they are assessed individually).   You will need to make an appointment by calling us on 9301 5880, between the hours of 9am – 2pm Monday to Friday, and bring with you any paperwork you have on the item.  We endeavour to do the valuation while you wait.  No sending off the item and waiting 6 weeks.  We can also assist you with getting your jewellery insured.  We are Q Report Certified Jeweller which means we can assist you with obtaining jewellery insurance through Jewellers Loop Pty Ltd and the insurance policy is backed by worldwide Chubb Insurance.  The insurance policy is a 12 month worldwide fully comprehensive policy.  If you are interested, please call us on 9301 5880 and we can explain further.

Nature’s miracle that can keep on giving…

Nature has created a miracle in the diamond and when you have chosen your diamond ring sometimes you look at it and you see dullness that is because it may need a clean.  Dirt on the diamond, especially on the pavilion of the diamond, increases the apparent critical angle at which light escapes from the diamond and the light escapes towards the tip of your finger not through the top of the diamond.  A proper cleaning frees that light to reflect back properly to our eyes where it can be appreciated.  The end result is quite dramatic.

One of the services The Diamond Club Perth  offers is assisting in redesigning /remodelling of your existing piece or an heirloom you have just inherited.  If this is something you have been considering for a while, call us on 9301 5880 and we can make a time for you to come in with your jewellery pieces and chat about what you have in mind.